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Taiwan Footwear Manufacturers Association,
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Vietnam footwear Association,
China Chain Store & Franchise Association,
 SiChuan General Chamber of Commerce China,
Guangdong General Chamber of Commerce,
BeiJing Franchise Chain Association

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Exhibitor Manual
“GUANGZHOU SHOES  LEATHER  FAIR ” is the only event that is designed to give you the invaluable opportunity to reach the decision makers and potential customers as well as to forge your business links in China.
 Invitation of Professional trade visitors   (free of charge)   
 Make connections with existing customers (free of charge)   
 Exhibitor Publicity  (free of charge) 
 Show directory listing   (free of charge) 
 On-site hall security    (free of charge) 
 Regular cleaning on public area    (free of charge) 
 Admission Badges  (free of charge) 
 Advertising in Show Directory  (chargeable) 
 Accommodation (chargeable) 
 Stand fittings and special design (chargeable) 
 Freight Forwarding & On-site handling  (chargeable) 
 Manpower services (chargeable) 
 Technical Seminar  (chargeable) 
Invitation of Professional Trade Visit
Organizers will conduct several measures to invite prospective professional trade and business visitors. To ensure the quality of visitors, admission tickets and pre-show bulletin will be sent out to prospective professional trade and business visitors from related industries; to the exhibitors before the exhibition to facilitate them to invite their favorable visitors. 
Exhibitor Publicity
The organizers will be mounting an extensive publicity campaign for the exhibition throughout China and some neighboring countries and a major feature of this will be the highlighting of exhibitor’s products and services. 
Show Directory
Exhibitor’s detailed products and services description book is to be distributed to every visitor on site during the exhibition period.
On-site hall security
24 hours security check will be provided.
Regular cleaning on public area
Cleaning services is also provided on the public area.
Admission Badges
Admission badges are issued to exhibitor’s employees/representatives when they need to work on the exhibition hall. This is for the security identifications.
(Please refer to the Exhibitor's Manual for List of Official and Supporting Hotels) 
Stand fittings and Special Design
These services are provided by the show official contractor. You may need to contact them for your additional furniture, electrical items and booth design requirements.
(Please refer to the Exhibitor's Manual for details)
Freight Forwarding On-site handling
These services are provided by the show official freight forwarder of the exhibition to manage the transportation and on-site handling of exhibits with the China Customs for necessary formalities and procedures.
(Please refer to the Exhibitor's Manual for details)
Manpower Services
Manpower for interpretation and reception services during the exhibition period is also provided by organizers.
Technical Seminar

Exhibitors are encouraged to hold technical seminars on their technology and innovative products during the exhibition. The organizers will help arrange seminar room and basic audio visual equipment. Topics of the seminar must be approved before presentation. The organizers reserve the right to reject any topic if it regard as inappropriate. 

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